Gold Fields
Black Sun
Street: 02.26
Gold Fields = The Neighbourhood + White Rabbits
I want to enjoy this Aussie dance-rock, but something about it reminds me a little too much of being 15 and angst-ily blasting Panic! At The Disco. My teenage insecurities aside, the fast rock chords combined with perky electro-beats and male pop vocals that are the basis of Gold Fields are pretty decent—if not boy-band quality. There are touches of disco and 80s synth keyboard throughout the album, making the tracks high-energy. “Closest I Could Get” has a moody, ballad feel, which is good contrast to the more danceable sections. This album would be best heard in a party setting, and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of their tracks (“Dark Again, “Happy Boy”) get some large-scale radio play. –Kia McGinnis