Blood Music
Street: 04.28
GosT = Zombi + Covenant

I can get behind something that takes this much inspiration from horror movies—it’s like Roger Corman DJing a party where all of the guests are feasting ravenously on each other’s entrails. This is electronic music that falls perfectly in a liminal space between too dark/industrial for the general public and too poppy/bubbly for the rest of us. I can see this catching on quickly, even among audiences who aren’t into horror movies (don’t even get me started on those types). Behemoth gets a little silly, and some of the songs have enough cheese to feed a starving village, but then again, so do most of the best horror movies ever created. This cheese actually works in GosT’s favor and sets him apart from their contemporaries in modern electronic music, much of which is generic, bland and neutered—this is probably the most unique album I’ve ever reviewed. –Alex Coulombe