Review: Guides – Abstract Mind

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Abstract Mind

Street: 09.25
Guides = The Cure x Modest Mouse + Minus The Bear

I’ll be completely honest: I threw this CD in the player right after The Alan Parsons Project and forgot I’d made the change for a couple of tracks. It’s not because Guides don’t have their own sound—they do, and it’s great—but rather because their new EP feels nostalgic, akin to not-so-dead favorites like Depeche Mode. Abstract Mind EP is a synth-heavy revisit to the ’80s that combines strong vocal melodies with tried-and-true pads and effects. This is a solid listen that’s especially great for having on in the background. Under a microscope, though, there are sounds I’m not so fond of—sort of soupy, effect-heavy walls of noise—but the majority of what is done here is done well. Overall, the melodies are crisp, and many of the guitar licks got stuck in my head and kept bringing me back for more. –Alex Blackburn