Hanni El Khatib
Head in the Dirt
Street: 04.30
Hanni El Khatib = Black Keys + The Cars
Coming out with his second album, El Khatib had help from producer Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, and it’s pretty obvious that Head in the Dirt shows major traces of influence from El Camino especially. The high-rev guitars combine with bluesy soul, and there are quite a few doo-wop inspired songs, including “Penny” and “Dead Wrong.” While the songs sound rough, with high-voltage electricity exuding from the guitars, the composition of the album comes across as pretty-boy motorcycle-chic, creating a sense of Hollywood superficiality. Fitting, as El Khatib currently bases himself in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, the album is solid and precise, and the melodies are catchy enough. –Brinley Froelich