Sleep Tall

Fysisk Format

Street: 05.28

Haraball = Circle Jerks + OFF! + Youth of Today

Europe has produced many great hardcore bands, and by all accounts, Haraball should sound of a feather with OFF!, and in most regards they do. But, there’s just something that doesn’t translate. The guitar lines are lifted straight from ’82, and the vocals aren’t too far off either, but put together it just doesn’t excite. The vocals become monotonous, and lack the fire that carries music like this––Not to mention the fact that Norwegian humor translated into English is beyond me. The fact that the album is 23 songs long doesn’t help. A full length hardcore album can fit on a 7”, and no one will care. These guys could have edited their playlist a bit, which would do wonders for the album. At 15–20 minutes, this would be a fine listen. At 40, you’re just waiting for it to play through. –Peter Fryer