Hardcore Crayons
Double Good
Street: 01.01
Hardcore Crayons = Modest Mouse x Tera Melos
Zozzled is something worth tripping out on, and you can do it without the drugs. From tightly strung guitar grooves that call to mind the The Moon & Antartica–era Modest Mouse to sludgy riffs and solos, Zozzled is entirely entertaining. The album walks a thin line between the erratic riffs of math rock and slower riffs that instigate head banging. With a few sputtered horn solos and even fewer vocal performances, Hardcore Crayons makes it clear that their sound is not to be pigeonholed to a single genre. The best way to imagine their quasi-experimental sound is given right in their name. Crayons are youthful and dynamic in color, and if the artist prefers a heavy tone, you get one messy but enjoyable creation. –Justin Gallegos