Harm’s Way 
Deathwish Inc.
Street: 03.10
Harm’s Way = Godflesh + His Hero Is Gone
For the past couple of years, Harm’s Way have made an amazing transition. The Chicago-based hardcore group—known for their powerviolence records—has, for the past four years, tread on metal territory, with fantastic results. Their last LP, Isolation, and their 2013 EP, Blinded, are in my regular rotation of music, and Rust is joining them. Charging drums and hammering bass, Rust is everything but rust. Solid from beginning to end, songs like “Cremation” and “Docile Bodies” make your limbs twinge with kinetic energy. Dead stops are intermittent in the album, begging the body to lunge. Whether you’re doing the dishes or pushing papers, that shit is getting done with Rust in the air. –Alex Cragun