His Name Is Alive
London London
Street: 10.28.14
His Name Is Alive = Guns N’ Roses + Dirty Projectors

Do you like wicked awesome guitar solos for 70 minutes straight and obtuse storylines? Then His Name is Alive’s new album Tecuciztecatl might be your new favorite thing! By virtue of being a rock opera, this album isn’t going to be for everyone—and by virtue of being a 44-minute guitar solo broken up by some pretty bits with mellotron, this album isn’t really for me. The performances on the record seem stuck in the ’70s, and I can’t really understand why anyone under the age of 35 would want to listen to this band. It’s probably me. If you like classic rock, you’ll probably love this album, but I can’t find much cultural relevance in this music. –Alex Gilvarry