Holly & Plastic
We Will Give This World Away
doubleplusgood records
Street: 11.04
Holly & Plastic = Andrew Jackson Jihad + Charles Ellsworth + Bright Eyes

Folk-influenced country twang is infused subtly with punk and melded with millennial indie, with the heaviest dose on “Normal Nightmares.” Andrew Johnson portrays both ire and exquisiteness by combining wistful acoustic instrumentation with a recurrently tortured vocal tone. The fusion of genres creates a unique and undeniably relatable album fit for any bizarre, mixed mood you find yourself experiencing. The combination of anger, melancholy and hope pricks deep in the chest, especially on “Chasing Ghosts.” Fall is symbolized by a ritualistic cleansing of a past self, accompanied necessarily by apprehension. “Junk Theories” typifies the strange and conflicted set of emotions I feel when stomping on leaves, and We Will Give this World Away, as a whole, represents that same enjoyment and melancholy associated with destruction of dispensable beauty. –LeAundra Jeffs