Bound To Gravity

Sound Zero Records

Street: 02.21

Home = Eyehategod + Botch + (Meshuggah – Roger Olofsson)

I had to dig through the dusty recesses of my mental vault to describe Home. They straddle the line between sludge and post-hardcore. You can hear some mathcore hints, but they sound too dark, even for a general Pelican comparison. The opening track, “Hole,” drives fast and immediately gut-punches you—the songs get the blood flowing. The album was recorded in solid takes rather than individual tracks, which gives it a raw sound in some respects. However, there are moments where the vocals could have been tuned a bit in post-production (see “Next To Last” and “Not Even Me”). Other than me being a picky arsehole, the album flows quite nicely, peaking in “Dead City” (disregard the melodic vocals—not feeling it). What makes this song great is the gritty midsection that recalls Pelican and the fact that they dedicated nearly 10 minutes of time to it. The album didn’t blow my mind, but they certainly have something right going on. –Alex Cragun