House of Black Lanterns
Kill The Lights
Street: 08.12
House of Black Lanterns = Enya + Faithless + Recoil
It seems that Dylan Richards, known for his past projects King Cannibal and Zilla, has once again tapped into his talents to create a pulsing, relaxing and, at times, bizarre drum and bass collection. This CD was compiled with a variety of vocals ranging from a man slow rapping, to a woman singing with a Celtic-type lilt. Most of the tracks have a soft, driving bass line and mellow lyrics and vocals, which were calming and almost had a meditative effect on me. I would be in a trance-like state—then suddenly, I would be jarred and thrown into shock by a disturbing pipe organ sound that was something along the lines of the soundtrack of the classic 1974 movie, Phantom of the Paradise. Do not get me wrong, I do appreciate that type of sound, but there is a time and place for it, and this placement was disturbingly wrong. –Mistress Nancy