Hungry Cloud Darkening
Glossy Recall
Off Tempo
Street: 10.07
Hungry Cloud Darkening = Angelo Badalamenti / Julee Cruise x Dirty Beaches

Pacific Northwesterners Hungry Cloud Darkening sound like a group who answered David Lynch’s call for a Twin Peaks house band in ’89 and were rejected for being too perfect for the part. Their smooth, dreamy update of a vintage pop sound is perfectly Badalamentian, with just enough sedated vocals, plucky bass lines and dream-inducing keyboards to transport you to a calm and sleepy state of mind. Besides these obvious comparisons, it’s a bit futile to try and place these lush tunes into any other context—they aren’t so nostalgic to exist as vintage-revival, and yet, sound odd enough still to be ahead of their time. Maybe I’m too sleepy, but Glossy Recall has brought me to this perfect, sleepless dream state. –Christian Schultz