Hydras Dream
The Little Match Girl

Denovali Records
Street: 03.28
Hydras Dream = Roger Eno + Piano Interrupted
The premise of this album is based on the story of The Little Match Girl, which is about a girl who freezes to death in the dead of winter after watching her grandma die. Sound morbid? We’re only scratching the surface. With ambient, neo-classical music tinged with Lovecraftian sound effects, this album is about as eerie as it gets. Just listen to “Grievance of a Young Girl,” which could be the cornerstone of the album. While based specifically on this story, I felt like it could’ve been just as easily based on Ataguttaaluk, a woman from the Arctic who ate her husband and children in order to survive the winter, because of how utterly fatalistic and cold the pieces come across.  –Brinley Froelich