I, a Man

Gravity Wins Again

We Simmers Records

Street: 04.11

I, a Man = Noah and the Whale + The Lonely Forrest + Bedroom

Gravity Wins Again is the first full-length album from I, a Man (named after the 1967 Andy Warhol film). The album is wonderfully self-produced, allowing the band to sound exactly as they like. This is evident in the song length as most songs clock in between 4-7 minutes, making them non-radio friendly. The album embraces a melodic disenchanted soul that grows on you in a very welcoming way. The album was designed for vinyl, so there is a definite flow between each song. Standing out are the tracks “In Time,” “Minivan” and “Cold Feet Warmed,” but “Lucky” is also about as charming as any instrumental gets. The only clear downside to the album is that there are only 10 tracks. Just as you really start to understand the album, it’s over, but I guess that’s what replay is for. Gravity Wins Again is an enjoyable first effort despite its brevity, and I hope they stick to their guns on the second album and keep the self-produced tunes coming. –Benjamin Tilton