Shadows of the Dying Sun

Century Media

Street: 04.29

Insomnium = Dark

Tranquillity + Katatonia + Swallow the Sun

Continuing to build their stronghold of melodic death metal, Finland’s Insomnium offer up their sixth full-length record without a ton of surprises and with all expectations met. Speaking of said stronghold, Insomnium seem to go out and pillage and destroy other melodic death metal bands that add way too much modern style into their mix. The band sticks to their guns here, with heavy riffs meaty enough to satisfy the hungriest of heavy metal folks. The meat is backed by a ton of melodic guitar work—it’s what has made and continues to make Insomnium a band to always listen to, even if melodic death metal isn’t quite your fancy. Pace shifts and many vocal change-ups keep things interesting throughout. What Insomnium do in regard to melodic death metal may be a bit of a farther cry from what the genre started as, but that leaves room for Insomnium to carve their own name in stone—or metal. –Bryer Wharton