Into Another
Omens EP
Ghost Ship Records
Street: 04.14
Into Another = Iron Maiden + Handsome + Supertouch
This could easily be counted among the most anticipated releases of the last 20 years for me. Into Another were a band that formed from late-’80s New York hardcore bands Bold, Underdog and others, and created music that, for all intents and purposes, hardcore kids should have hated.  It relied on metallic guitar solos, semi-operatic vocals and Pink Floyd–esque strangeness. Long story short, their last album, Seemless, was released in 1995, and they still have an unreleased album, Soul Control, floating around the netherworld. That said, Omens is as strong a comeback release as I’ve ever heard from a band. The EP’s intro, “Crossed,” could easily have been lifted from the band’s 1994 masterpiece, Ignaurus, and “Ominous” from 1992’s Creepy Eepy. So far, this has only seen a digital release, but hopefully, a proper physical release is upcoming. Verdict? An incredible release in this fanboy’s eyes. 
–Gavin Hoffman