Invincible Force
Satan Rebellion Metal
Dark Descent 
Street: 03.10
Invincible Force = Force of Darkness + Desaster + Messiah

Black thrash has become a formidable genre of metal over the years. This four-piece from Chile has some thrashy riff chops. That said, what makes a good chunk of the power of the black thrash genre is production. Satan Rebellion Metal is actually produced quite well—the low ends are low, and it sounds clean and crisp. Unfortunately, that style of production actually hurts the band’s debut-full length. There’s not much high end on the riffing. The genre has always meant to have a raw, grating, gritty style. Going back and listening to some demo and split material, the band’s sound is much more raw and effective than what is put forth here. The songs seem to fall flat and redundant, which is sad because without the focus on the lower end, there’s a really good record here. –Bryer Wharton