Irish Moutarde
Raise ’Em All
Street: 09.17
Irish Moutarde = The Real McKenzies + NOFX
Hailing from Quebec, Irish Moutarde bring us yet another Irish punk rock sound that their fans can drink and dance to. A mix of alternating lead vocals—switching between nearly each band member—and representation of bagpipes, accordion and banjo, played to fast-paced punk rock, make for a really exciting sound. Like any Irish-style band, they include their drinking songs like the bittersweet “Farewell to Drunkenness” and the festive “Glasses to the Sky.” Songs ranging from the fast-paced “I Heard Jesus Was” and the French-sung “Olaf,” to the more relaxed “A Lad and a Half” and a cover of the traditional Irish folk tune, “The Fields of Athenry,” all make for an enjoyable album. They sound like a fun band to see live, and I’d bet it gets crazy. –Eric U. Norris