Jonathan Rado
Law and Order
Street: 09.03
Jonathan Rado = Tomorrows Tulips + Fresh and Onlys
The opening track “Seven Horses” starts off with an odd, fluid, warbling synth line and morphs into catchy ’60s pop. Because of the simplicity of the lyrics (“If you feel it all, clap your hands”) and the weird synth noise, I thought it was going to be pretty similar to the MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular, but by the second track it had completely changed. The second track is a back and forth duet, that is somewhere between Scott Walker’s “30th Century Man” and a Johnny Cash and June Carter love song. The album progresses with a clear theme, but each track feels unique from the last. All in all, it is a very solid release from this member of Foxygen. –Cody Hudson