Juan Wauters

N.A.P North American Poetry

Captured Tracks

Street: 02.04

Juan Wauters = The Beets + Sleater-Kinney

N.A.P North American Poetry is filled with beat poetry, combined with the radiant attraction of pop, dunked in folk. For the most part, this is a very passive album, with the exception of an occasionally upbeat poppy number, like “Sanity Or Not.” Lyrically, the songs are somewhat simplistic (“Goo”). Numbers like “All Tall Man Will Fall” offer fun, social critiques of consumer conformity, while “Breathing,” featuring Carmelle Safdie (Beachniks), offers reflections on human relationship interaction. Despite such enlightening topics that partially make up this album, I must admit that overall, it isn’t a terribly exciting listen. Though, to be fair to folky type people, if you like The Beets, you might dig this, so have at it. –Nick Kuzmack