Justin Symbol 
Street: 10.15.14

Justin Symbol = Die Sektor + Aesthetic Perfection + Marilyn Manson
Justin Symbol’s catchy, simplistic lyrics and vocal style make Voidhead something I really enjoy. The guitar is amazing—clean, tight riffs done by none other than Daisy Berkowitz of Marilyn Manson fame. The kick of the drum filled me with energy and aggression, which entranced me even more. All in all, this release has true grit and a grinding industrial sound. Music can be too complex, and lately, it is refreshing to hear something simple yet exquisite that doesn’t require a degree in music to enjoy. The opening title track is reminiscent of the Manson style, but stands out on its own with the digital backing and thundering bass guitar. These guys are definitely ones to watch, as they will certainly stir things up. –Mistress Nancy