Kevin Seconds

Off Stockton

Rise Records

Street 02.18

Kevin Seconds = 7Seconds + Tim Barry + Billy Bragg

Kevin Seconds has been making quality music since the late ‘70s. If you know him, it’s most likely from his work with Reno’s hardcore outfit 7Seconds. As such, Seconds may seem like an unlikely folk singer, but he’s a few solo records in at this point and he’s only getting better. Off Stockton is his latest collection of stripped down, soulful tunes. Most of the 11 songs are minimally-produced, emotionally-thick acoustic gems. The meandering opening track, “My Recollection” features the lovely vocal harmonies of his wife Allyson. Another song, “Truth Be Told” adds a hefty layer of pedal steel guitar to the otherwise sparse instrumentation. And where one may ask why anyone needs another album by another old punk trying to play folk rock, all I can say is Seconds delivers these songs with the strength and conviction of a man who knows exactly what he’s doing. –James Bennett