Ghostly International
Street: 11.11
KILN = Autechre + mOck + Richard D. James–era Aphex Twin
Meadow:watt. Megawatt. Get it? KILN’s exploration of the juxtaposition of the natural and the manmade is extended beyond the title and into the music of meadow:watt. KILN combine various guitar and bass lines with programmed beats and hefty amounts of post-production editing to create something wholly organic and wholly crafted. The result is an oddly pastoral, mid-tempo record that simmers in slightly off beats at the behest of a sturdy bass line and gorgeous waves of electronic and acoustic noise. Auxiliary instruments like jaw-harps and harmonicas find their way into the compositions, weaving aural golden strands through the track just faintly enough for you to find the way back to the source. That source is a beating heart in a robot’s chest. There’s loads of beauty in this album. –Ryan Hall