King Krule
6 Feet Beneath The Moon
True Panther/XL
Street: 08.24.13
King Krule = Majical Cloudz / Ol’ Dirty Bastard + Tom Waits
There are certain artists whose styling pervades mystery. King Krule, aka Archy Marshall’s easily distinguished sound feels natural as opposed to sounding like an overzealous pop artist, which places him in that category of mystery. His debut LP manages to blend light jazz with minimalistic trip hop, while the music itself remains folk at its core. Marshall’s voice and spirit is a combination of the pain and torment of Kurt Cobain with the clouded confessionals of Waits. This album feels like Marshall took the vibe of classic folk album Moondance by Van Morrison, then dragged it through the London underground, encountering a few alleyway beatings and a few bad breakups along the way. It’s an impressive and intimate debut, one that needs to be experienced to understand. That experience undoubtedly goes down best at nighttime. –Justin Gallegos