Our Time Will Come
Street: 10.14.14
KMFDM = Ego Likeness + Drill + MDFMK

This release is packed with the guitar riffs, drums and chants that we love so much and have become accustomed to with this band—they have varied little from their usual sound. Sascha and Lucia provide you with a light, humorous lesson in German on the opening track “Genau”—the beats on are quite similar to those on every stripper’s favorite song, “Juke Joint Jezebel.” The catchy lyrics on “Respekt” were annoying and repetitive. The chorus states, “I will punch your head until you say I respect you.” I guess providing a good beatdown is all it takes to make someone respect you. This one will be stuck in your head all day. They redeem themselves with the amazing, softer style of “Our Time will Come.” It has more melodic, slower vocals and surreal beats. They rarely use this style, but when they do, it always pays off. –Mistress Nancy