Kult Of Red Pyramid
Broken Mirror
Xperiment XIII
Street: 04.12
Kult Of Red Pyramid = Assemblage 23 + Voicecoil + Haujobb
While I was listening to this enormous release, I wondered if Kult Of Red Pyramid had to schedule time away from their obligations to hear it in its entirety. One of the benefits to its length is that it provides the room to showcase the various sounds and styles the band can produce. There were a few things that stood out to me in this mound of music. The vocal style of crying out in heartache really revealed a talented voice, but it quickly became repetitive and whiney. I truly appreciated the soothing piano pieces on the track “Everything Was Taken Away From Me.” It was a beautiful addition that complemented the flow of the song. My favorite was the German vocals and EBM style, higher BPM on “Stacheldraht 2014.”  It’s a great release if you can find the time to listen to it. –Mistress Nancy