La Haine
As Seasons Change, So Do You
Crown and Throne Ltd.
Street: 08.08.14
La Haine = Touché Amore + Eons
La Haine is the kind of band I’d see opening a hardcore show and immediately write off because I think their singer is annoying, which isn’t really fair. These guys might not be making the most revolutionary hardcore music that has ever come out, but this album doesn’t suck either. From the get go, this is an all-out assault of noise and painfully overwrought vocal delivery that should appeal to a lot of people who enjoy this kind of music. I think that these guys could find them-selves quite at home in the Salt Lake hardcore scene, and there are probably a lot of people around here who would get way into what they’re doing. Unfortunately, I just can’t get into it— sorry dudes. –Alex Gilvarry