Lee Corey Oswald/Three Man Cannon
Black With Sap Records
Street: 02.05
Lee Corey Oswald/Three Man Cannon = Mumford & Sons + All American Rejects + Portugal. The Man
The first side of the album, Three Man Cannon, instantly made me feel like I was in an independent film about teenagers falling in love. The sound was very punk influenced, but captured more of a laidback, slower tempo and softer melody. The other side, Lee Corey Oswald, was a little bit more garage-band angst with less of the laidback feel. Both sides meshed well and were produced well. Some highlights of the album were “Interdependence,” a relaxing, folk-styled alternative song, “Dream Song,” a faster-paced track with sort of a boy-band feel to it, and “Bullshit Stories,” a slower acoustic track that sounds good musically, but has vocals that show Lee Corey Oswald shouldn’t try to stray too far from the punky alternative sound they showcase in the rest of the album. –Julia Sachs