Leyland Kirby

Breaks My Heart Each Time

Apollo Records

Street Date: 02.18

Leyland Kirby =
Flying Lotus/ESKMO

James Leyland Kirby’s kaleidoscopic soundscape shines brilliantly in his newest four-part EP. Breaks My Heart Each Time employs style mashed with some epic crescendos. Kirby’s knowledge of his craft is mesmerizing and thematic. It feels personal and is a welcome change to some of the more exclusive tracks produced within recent months. “Last Ditch Legacy” is gritty and tribal with some FlyLo-esque claps and dubstep bass kicks. “Diminishing Emotion” is, by far, the track I most closely examined on the EP. Completely stripped-down and raw, this ambient piece represents the skeleton of Kirby’s production and acts as a sort of break between the grinding sounds of its predecessor, and the synth trills and fast-paced percussion found in “Staring Down The Sun.” This EP accurately reflects Kirby’s true musical genius and understanding of the art of auditory storytelling. –Kamryn Feigel