Lisa Papineau

Blood Noise
Neurotic Yell Records
Street: 10.08
Lisa Papineau = Lisa Gerrard + Sinéad O’Connor
US-born, Paris-residing Papineau has had a fairly varied career. I remember the short-lived hype of her first band, Pet, when they were signed to Tori Amos’ Igloo label imprint (appearing on the Crow: City of Angels soundtrack), and then they seemed to disappear. Fortunately, the talented singer/songwriter co-created Big Sir and has worked with Air and M83, and now returns for her third solo album, the uniquely moody Blood Noise. Often using the softer register of her varied instrument, songs like “Dream The Wild,” “Early Spring” and “Rainmaker” partially sound whispered and ghostly. Clocking in just shy of 30 minutes—which is arguably just about the perfect length for this soundtrack-ish material—the hypnotically gorgeous “Out For A Swim” also boasts her singing in French. Lest anyone forget her vocal prowess, “Frozen Blue,” “Light Up The World” and “The Weather Gone” serve as reminders. –Dean O Hillis