Look Vibrant – Only Qualms

Review: Look Vibrant – Only Qualms

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Look Vibrant – Only Qualms

Look Vibrant
Only Qualms

Street: 09.25
Look Vibrant = Passion Pit / Youth Lagoon

Montreal duo Look Vibrant consists of musicians Justin Lazarus and Matt Murphy. Over the last two years, Lazarus and Murphy have slowly built a catalogue of singles on their Bandcamp page, which has a single bio line reading, “For eager ears.” These singles have served as preludes to their now available debut EP, Only Qualms. The five-track album consists of frenetic synth-rock that makes good on its title by shelling out complaints through distorted, high-energy vocals. “Everything I do is just to please, to please, to please,” shouts Lazarus on “Miracle.” It only takes a brief listen to see why these songs require “eager ears.” Anything but eager ears might be quickly turned off to their noisy sound, which invokes painstaking memories of emo music from the ‘90s where punk-influenced rock meets overtly emotional lyrics. If you’re still interested, you can pay what you like for the album at lookvibrant.bandcamp.com. 
–Justin Gallegos