Lost Society

Terror Hungry

Nuclear Blast

Street: 04.01

Lost Society = Gamma Bomb + D.R.I. + Angelus Apatrida

From judging a book by it’s cover, I expected Terror Hungry to be one of those lame, party-thrash, throwback-to-the-’80s rip-off bands. Well, I got something completely surprising. While those throwback elements do exist in heavy forms on Terror Hungry, Finland’s Lost Society bring in some new styles and a lot of punch. The funny thing is that I thought the band name was familiar—lo and behold, I came to discover their debut was something I really didn’t like because of its total throwback nature. Terror Hungry is as much a crossover record as it is a thrash one. The riffs don’t slow down from ludicrous speed, and every song has a wild but well-played guitar solo. Terror Hungry brings a lot of crunch and a lot of finesse to the table. Lost Society haven’t moved out of the ’80s, but they made their tunes a hell of a lot better since their debut. –Bryer Wharton