Seek Warmer Climes
Street: 06.17
Lower = Iceage + Joy Division – New Order
This Danish post-punk quartet has been critically aligned with other Scandinavian bands, most notably Iceage, but this unit seems to have a flair for a theatricality some of the others lack, due to singer Adrian Toubro’s vocal flourishes. Not that he is any less geniune in his rage or angst than the others, but he understands, like Ian Curtis did, that being a rock n’ roll singer is to partake in theater, even if it’s highly personal in subject matter. The songs on this album are like a bracing Arctic breeze, chilling the cheek and turning the mind inward. “Lost Weight, Perfect Skin” could be a Morrissey song title, but there is a certain complacency of contempt that Toubro doesn’t indugle in, and it makes this collection all the more astonishing. –Stakerized!