Ludovico Technique
We Came to Wreck Everything
Metropolis Records
Street: 11.12
Ludovico Technique = Skinny Puppy + God Module + Shiv-R
These are remixed tracks taken from their previous release, Some Things Are Beyond Therapy. I took a great interest in hearing how other artists translated these songs into their own creations. Dym, Cryogen Sound, Vein Collector, The Anger Machine and others contributed to this release. Aesthetic Perfection took “Dead Inside” and helped it transcend from industrial to synth-pop, leaving me in audio bliss. E-Craft let the vocals shine through in “Heal My Scars” and mixed in their own style of futuristic synth sound and a simplistic beat. “Potential” is a great track without being revamped, and the extra synthetic tweaks only add to the driving beat, screeches and seductive lyrics to secure its place as one of my all-time favorites. Ben V’s style of vocals is incredible on this track, and I am longing to hear more of this on their next release. –Mistress Nancy