Light Up Your Lantern
Street: 10.22
Lynx = Tegan and Sara + Beats Antique
From the moment this album opens, with heavy beats accented by a varied string section (guitars, banjo and cello), Lynx kept a hypnotic grip over me that was so powerful, I wondered if I had spent that hour in an oasis-tinged dream. The instrumentals switch from melancholy to folksy, while the rougher vocals add an element of intimacy and raw emotion—oddly, almost identical to Tegan Quin’s. The title track definitely sounds like it belongs around a pirate ship, complete with an upbeat strings section and mournful vocals. “Far and Away” mixes a rich brass section with misty effects and heavy rhythms, while the next track, “Picture,” adds a more lo-fi feel—the effects are elaborately layered and mastered to perfection. In short, the brilliant part of this album lies in its ability to transition from folk sounds to beat-heavy tracks seamlessly and magnificently. –Allison Shephard