Man Made Sun

More A Devil Than A God


Street: 01.15

Man Made Sun = Jane’s Addiction + Rage Against the Machine

Man Made Sun isn’t my particular flavor, but that’s not a bad thing in the slightest. Lead singer Ofer Tiberin has an interesting style that dances between melodic talking and singing, reminding me of another sun-themed band, the excellent Ra. It’s a little bit grungy, a little bit funky, a little bit hard rock and even a little bit electronic at the end of “Signal”. All five tracks in total don’t showcase the wildest variety, but there’s a lot of potential between chunky songs like “God vs God” and slightly more spacey tracks like the aforementioned “Signal”. More than anything else, I’d say that Man Made Sun sounds like a band that’s having a good time. That makes it hard to explain, but it’s a fairly groovy combination that I think open-minded rock fans are going to dig. Matt Brunk