Marching Church
This World Is Not Enough
Sacred Bones/Posh Isolation
Street: 03.31
Marching Church = {Iceage x Merchandise}^Nick Cave
If the wild forward leaps in scope from one Iceage album to the next haven’t convinced you that Elias Bender Rønnenfelt is gearing up to be the Thin White Duke of millennial punk, have a listen to “King of Song” on This World Is Not Enough, the debut album from his solo project–turned–Sacred Bones–supergroup, Marching Church. With a hoarse croon, Rønnefelt conducts a stirring—dare I say—pop song, fleshed out with strings, horns and a groovy bass line. It’s a far cry from the blackened punk we heard him churning out on New Brigade. The album is a companion to Iceage’s Plowing Into the Field of Love with regard to its exploration of perverse Americana—recalling, at times, Swans— though the Marching Church lineup leeches out a more diverse array of instrumentation and more intriguing song structures than anything Iceage have done to date. The result is a dense narrative, wide in scope and rewarding to all kinds of listeners. –Christian Schultz