Marley Carroll
Melanaster Records
Street: 12.03.13
Marley Carrol = Post-Foetus / Milosh + The Postal Service
It’s not very often that six years pass between an artist’s debut and their follow up LP. That act alone tells me that Marley Carrol is patient with his craft, which shows in the rich textures of Sings. It takes heart to create minimal music that sounds so complex, but that’s what makes this album so rich. It’s the space between his sounds, left open for thought and interpretation, which allows each song to be imprinted upon the listener. It’s similar to the chattering electronica of Caribou, with just a bit more sophistication. If you’ve been waiting for Caribou’s next release, I suggest giving Carrol’s new album a try. I highly recommend “Woodwork,” which sounds like a delicate blend of Gold Panda and Purity Ring. Sings’ simplicity and lack of pretentiousness is a breath of fresh air in any genre of music. –Justin Gallegos