Marshall Holland

And The Etceteras

Mystery Lawn Music

Street: 01.14

Marshall Holland = Lindsey Buckingham + Eels–Weezer

One-man band Holland (this Bay–Area based maestro writes, produces, plays and sings everything himself) returns with a catchy, frequently funny and even poignant new record. Taking more musical risks than his previous releases, the payoff is a more toe-tapping and hummable collection that starts on the upward curve of “Take Me” and continues through the unpredictably rollicking little suicide ditty, “Elise At Least,” featuring his beautifully overdubbed background vocals. Reflective childhood pearl “Goodbye September Days” showcases his talents at balladry. Much like Buckingham’s Out of the Cradle, Holland inserts some gorgeous instrumentation between a few tracks, which brilliantly and subtly act as introductions for the songs they precede, like otherworldly pretty “To The Scene Of Them All” before “September,” and the jazzy “In The Swing Of Things” before “Elise,” respectively. Finally, the melodious “Can I Borrow Your Pillow?” is coupled with opulent closer “The Key of Sea.” –Dean O Hillis