Review: Meat Wave – Delusion Moon

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Meat Wave

Meat Wave
Delusion Moon

SideOneDummy Records
Street: 09.18
Meat Wave = Saves the Day + New Politics

Listening to tracks like “Sinkhole,” I had to double-check to make sure that Meat Wave’s singer Chris Sutter wasn’t somehow the same person as Saves the Day’s Chris Conley (he’s not). That being said, Meat Wave have a very similar garage-punk sound but have something intrinsically grittier and more sardonic than Saves the Day, giving them an edge that I always felt Saves the Day lacked. “Delusion Moon” is infectious, but somewhat short for being the title-track, and “Witchcraft” epitomizes the sarcastically quirky tone of the whole album. If you were drawn in by the awesome name, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the music. –Ali Shimkus