Electric City


Street: 06.04

Memoryy = Empire of the Sun + Erasure + OMD

I have been thrilled recently to hear heavy ’80s influences in upcoming pop and electronica music. Electric City exhibits warped, oceanic synth hooks and contagiously danceable beats. When I turn on this album, my body begins grooving with or without my consent. Simplistic lyrics pair well with the complex drum kit sections and elaborate, processed electro-guitar riffs. Memoryy (previously Kitten Berry Crunch) only released five songs on Electric City, but each of them are all so full and complete in themselves that no other tracks are necessary. Shadowy styling (a la Corey Hart) on “Don’t Give Up” remind me of stellar movie montages, with dub influences. Somehow, Memoryy have encompassed nearly every style of ’80s new wave without sounding contrived or cliche. At your next dance party, bump “Nostalgia” for a rush of endorphins, and a sea of rapturous faces. –LeAundra Jeffs