Michael Rault
Living Daylight
Burger Records
Street: 05.05
Michael Rault = T. Rex + (Emitt Rhodes – Paul McCartney)
My girlfriend Cori has told me many times that someday, she’s gong to leave me for Marc Bolan. I’ve reminded her many times that he’s dead, but she doesn’t seem to care. That’s why I sharpied “T. Rex: The Lost Tapes” on my blank promo copy of the Living Daylight CD—I’ll easily be able to convince her that this is just unreleased T. Rex material. This way, she won’t leave me for the next best Bolan, aka Michael Rault. I really think I can convince her. Bolan passed Zinc Alloy off as a T. Rex album, so this should be easy. A few songs won’t be as easy to trick her with, though. I’ll have to tell her that “Lovers Lie” is T. Rex’s attempt at sounding like the Eagles playing The Beatles’ “Yesterday,” and that “Lost Something” is a Danger Mouse remix. This way, Cori’s fantasy can remain intact, and we can both enjoy this totally rad record—together. –Cody Kirkland