No Mercy for Mayhem

Hells Headbangers

Street: 08.19

Midnight = Venom +
Hellhamer + Motörhead

This Midnight just got much darker, and that’s always a good thing. While their debut album, Satanic Royalty, was all Athenar, No Mercy for Mayhem is in full-band mode. The differences are subtle, though, so I’m unquestionably sure that Athenar was the end-all-be-all of what actually made the record. The dynamics of this latest offering of Satan, heavy metal, punk and more Satan with touches of blasphemy are that much tighter than the debut album. The tone is grittier than before, with Athenar taking a more vile vocal approach, as well as the guitar tone bringing in more vile grime and overall nastiness. “Try Suicide” beats up any new, so-called punk rock anthem of today with the old-school tunes punching them in the face. The new album seals the deal that Midnight are out to destroy metal, punk and all the hipsters and poseurs who follow. –Bryer Wharton