La Furia
Sick Bangers
Street: 05.07
Mierdaster = Priest + Dark Roots of Earth-era Testament + Refused
Four albums in, and this Chilean metal-core (more of the latter than the former) demolition unit have started to find their moshing feet. Nodding out to classic carne y papas metal on shredders like “Idiosincrasia” helps amalgamate the leaden punk singalong stomp of “La Envidia” and “Verte Caer,” with a steely dollop of crisp melody and aggro-furia. Heshers will take find great cheer in the Downing/Tipton-esque tradeoffs between Martin Capdevila and Claudio Melo, while those fiendin’ to add global credentials to their usual diet of Yankee core will find plenty to dig in “Predicador.” The album is an extremely solid offering that doesn’t stray far from well-established tropes and norms, but plays out with enough raucous candor and righteous anger to make up for it. -Dylan Chadwick