The Crash & The Draw
Relapse Records
Street: 04.07
Minsk = Old Man Gloom + ISIS 

After a six-year hiatus, Minsk is busting back onto the music scene with some great tunes. Hewn from the stony soil of Illinois, this album has craftsmanship stamped all over it. While it sounds like the sludge you find in your bathroom drain, there are distinct characteristics that give it a more orchestrated feel. Synth tones crash and flow throughout the album, and gossamer guitar lead-ins usually indicate that “this is the climax of the song.”  Some of the album sounds more like Air or M83 than a metal band—which I find to be wonderful. My only critique of The Crash & The Draw is that some of the tracks are simply too long. I love long songs, I love long albums, but there are songs on this album that over embellish and are unable to support themselves. If you are going to make an audience wait 10 or 15 minutes, you better have a strong coda. Overall, it’s a great album, but expect yourself to sit out for a few songs. –Alex Cragun