Changing Light

Absolute Magnitude

Street: 05.13

Mirah = Thao Nguyen +
Emily Wells

I am beyond thrilled that this release came my way, seeing as I haven’t really stopped listening to Mirah since C’mon Miracle was released a decade ago. As usual, in Changing Light, her lyrics could just as easily be published as a book of poetry, evoking strong feelings with narratives that still bring small baby tears to my eyes when listening. Her harmony with a voice box in “Oxen Hope” is where this phenomenon began, while expressing the endurance needed to move on, and it’s found later in “24th St,” where she sings about loving deeply while realizing things could end at any moment. I just want her to sing me lullabies to sleep every night with that soothing, comforting voice she has. –Brinley Froelich