Modern Pain – Peace Delusions

Review: Modern Pain – Peace Delusions

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Modern Pain – Peace Delusions

Modern Pain
Peace Delusions

Bridge Nine
Street: 09.04
Modern Pain = Lightning Bolt + RABBITS

If you’re looking for a noise album to accompany your winter, look no further than Peace Delusions. Dystopian, instrumental, fuzzy-banter blasting, it’s all you’d want to help traverse the dirty ice. A heterogeneous mixture of short and long songs, there is something for every deafened coinsurer of loudness. When there are lead vocals, they shout down your throat and into your sinuses, eventually lodging themselves in your frontal lobe. My favorite cuts from this album are “Leave Me Here” and “Ego Death”—they both exhibit a kinetic energy that I’ve only seen in Harm’s Way lately. You know you wanna buy this album. –Alex Cragun