Review: Monotony – Self-Titled

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Faux Discx
Street: 07.02
Monotony = Cheena + Sauna Youth

If you heard Sauna Youth’s Distractions but wanted something distortion-filled and with a totally raw demo–punch and ballistic-type feeling, then Monotony are most likely up your alley. In a way, this album has a certain simplistic and catchy charm to it, but that charm does not go any deeper than a superficial appreciation. Sure, I like my punk punchy, and this has plenty of that, but I’ve heard this rough-and-ready approach before—it’s timeless and well done, if not totally overdone. While these six tracks are nice and gritty, the maximum effect one will get from this album is when the volume knob is twisted all the way to the right and the subsequent result leaves the unwary listener with some well-earned fuzzy feeling in the ears. So rinse and repeat. –Nick Kuzmack