Moon Honey
Hand-Painted Dream Photographs
Street: 12.03
Moon Honey = Cocteau Twins + Queen – Sky Cries Mary
Baton Rouge, La. combo Moon Honey might lay to rest comparisons of that city with colorful New Orleans. Indie bands have dabbled with orchestral instruments before, but this product is psych rock with the theatricality of ’70s glam. Their performances are extravagant multimedia shows with dancers, film projections and art installations. The album title comes from Salvador Dalí’s description of his photographs. In addition to the song “The Two Fridas,” there’s “Lady Lazarus,” taking its title from the Sylvia Plath poem. All this might sound overly artsy, but there’s a sense of playfulness. It reminds me of ’90s Seattle band Sky Cries Mary, but this isn’t as self-consciously psych. Instead of oh-so-solemn hippiedom, there’s a kind of surrealist theater aesthetic at work that is quite refreshing. Their Western U.S. tour misses us, but hits Boise and Denver. –Stakerized!