Morbus Chron
Century Media
Street: 03.04
Morbus Chron = Atheist + Death + Pestilence
In 2011, Stockholm’s Morbus Chron unleashed a superbly revered, forward-thinking death metal album, Sleepers in the Rift. The next year, the band hinted at some musical direction changes with a 10-inch EP in the form of A Saunter Through the Shroud. The history lesson here is that the band moved oceans with their debut, but with its follow-up, Sweven, the band is out to move some major earth. The album, while retaining similarities of the band’s past, has moved the term “forward-thinking death metal” to new territory. The album, at its core, shuffles the straight-up death metal tag. It’s an instrumentally driven album, but there are vocals. The compositions of each song are thought out and sonically immersing, dense and multifaceted songs that you will want to continually engage in. Sweven is one of those albums to think about and listen to on repeat. This, I promise, will be one of the big sleeper metal albums of the year. –Bryer Wharton